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SMS Spam is a growing problem, but what exactly is it, how do you get SMS Spam and how do you avoid getting it? Read on to find out.


Before we get too far, let’s discuss what SMS is first. SMS or “Short Message Service” is better known as “text messaging” or “texting” – a service that allows you to send short text messages to cell phones – in many ways similar to email. It’s a useful feature – from IT departments using it to receive “outage” notifications to school alerts, twitter updates or just quick communications with friends or family.

SMS Spam is defined as unwanted text messages – generally of a commercial nature sent to your phone over the SMS protocol.

Besides the obvious nuisance of receiving such unwanted text messages, there can be other issues – primarily if you have a cell plan that requires you to pay for received and sent text messages or if you have a limit on the number of messages you can receive.

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