Spiritual Healing Handbook



Basically spiritual healing is a method where an individual with
healing energy transfers the positive energy from themselves on to
the person in need.

This method of positive energy transfer is usually done using the
hands of the spiritually filled individual called a healer. However it
should be understood at this point, the healing does not come from
the healer but though the healer. The healer is just a vessel for the
positive energy.

There are some that believe every individual is capable of tapping into
their own personal positive energy for healing purposes. This is done
spiritually through prayer. The term spiritual refer to the energy
source that is divine in nature and available to all without any

Most spiritual healers look upon a health problem as inter connected
to the body, mind and spirit. If one part is causing the problem all the
other parts must be addressed too because of their close connection
in producing the problem in the first place.

Almost all the healers believe that most medical problems start with
the state of the mind and these manifests into other symptoms that
become evident in a physical form.

Therefore their primary goal is to restore the balance in the entire
body system as a way to complete the process of spiritual healing.

This form of treatment is becoming very popular indeed, as it
promises a better alternative to invasive medical procedures. There is
also a "hunger" that most people seem to experience in their lives and
spirituality is one way on filling the void.

Being spiritually disciplined encourages the individual to entrust their
life into God's hand and be confident that all will be well. When this
surrender is practiced regularly and completely, a habit if formed
which in turn causes the confidence to increase in leaps and bounds
in leaving everything to God, knowing that this divine power only
wants the best for each individual being.

Spiritual discipline helps to ensure the relationship with God and
man is in good working order and this helps to develop an intimacy
between the two beings.

It does not however at any time promise total and complete bliss in
cultivating this relationship although the peace factor gained is many

In trying to understand the importance of discipline, one must first
acknowledge that this spiritual discipline is a tool that helps to
connect the physical body and mind with the inner spiritual inner
man which in turn in deeply connected to God.

When this happens a lot changes in the mind's eye, and a whole other
world of awareness opens up. Spiritual discipline helps the individual
look upon his or her life from a spiritual perspective, and make the
necessary changes to be in line with God's ways. Knowing that there is
a mighty and divine power which is all knowing, guiding the
individual's life further encourages people to pursue this form of

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