Spy Tracker And Locator Lite




    Track who spy Your Phone ( Photo , used app and location).
    Get the location of your phone by sending an sms when it lost or stolen.
    Tired of getting your phone spied by family friends etc... ?

    You want to know who spied your phone, the list of opened applications , his photo and where it happened?

    You're scared that you lose your phone!!

    You're afraid that a thief steals your phone!

    Private Life Spy Tracker Phone Locator give you :

    *A Tracker Mode: Track all Spy's actions on your phone and it provide the Date , the Location , the photo of the spy and a list of all the spied applications.You can set to send by email all these informations.

    *A Lock Screen: an authentic lock screen which protect your phone with a pattern.

    *A Phone locator wich provide the position of your phone when you send an Sms containing the configured tag by(Sms email Ringing) or when SIM CARD changes.

    You can contact us if you have a problem or an improvement. Thanks for your support and don't forget to rate it if you like it. Enjoy ;).

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