Steve Aspel



Steve Aspel is a two term Redondo Beach City Council member who has always been dedicated to open communication and outreach to his constituents.

During his two terms as a City Councilman for District 1, Steve has accomplished many things. He has never been afraid to take on the tough issues and has always worked diligently to solve community problems, bring people together and build consensus.

Steve will use this app to proactively listen to your concerns on issues important to the future of our city and let you keep up to date with important issues as well. Throughout his time as a Councilman Steve has had an open door policy and held monthly town hall meetings to remain accessible. Steve has created this app to enhance communication with you.

Steve has been called the “Pot Hole Councilman” because he gives attention to the small things that affect your life every day. He believes that your quality of life begins on YOUR street, YOUR neighborhood and with YOUR family. When you call Steve with the small issues like trees and pot holes or barking dogs and litter in the neighborhood, he always acts on your issue immediately. Guaranteed!

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