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«subliminal stimuli» is a programme helping to quit smoking or to lose weight. This programme is your leader and personal coach to a healthy way of life. It gives you a wonderful chance to be in a good shape. «subliminal stimuli» activates an unlimited power of your subconscious! No matter how many times you’ve tried to quit smoking or to lose weight, you can do it now! Right now! You will succeed with «subliminal stimuli»!

«subliminal stimuli» is a unique project of engineers and psychologists based on effecting human subconscious mind by means of modern information technologies.
And now you have a chance to try «subliminal stimuli» method, which is used in many countries of the world and which has proven its effectiveness.

You should spend only 5 minutes a day with «subliminal stimuli» in order to lose your weight or to quit smoking in the first month! Precisely formulated phrases evoke hyper-susceptibility of consciousness where subconscious messages have influence and transform to the very origin of consciousness. Special messages strengthen your determination and create a new consciousness. And with a help of such impulses your subconscious will change immediate causes of the overweight and motives of your hunger for eating or smoking.

It is important to remember and observe the following rule: this method in the most intensive mode can be used during 4-5 minutes a day only! You must also do a week intervals every 3 weeks! You need three courses 21 day every with a week holidays to get results with the system «subliminal stimuli»

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