Pub ... I'm ambiguous where to go?
Every bottle now enjoy a new drinking culture ~
Interest in search bar at the bar around naegawonhaneun discount coupons
And in a bar to chat feature!
Cute designs for ladies!
With both men out for the convenience to the application is the best bar!

◁ ◀ ▶ ▷ reboot without
I do not chat in a pub that?
Introduction to simple bar at the bar, as well as the corresponding
Room to open up a new pub culture
Can make.
In addition, the administrator minute chat directly with the owner to participate
I'm not the events proceed!

◁ ◀ ▶ ▷ von Ward
High prices. Drinks are free too, please??
I also shot off a euseyo ~
[Soju bottle] [off shot] [settle Services, etc. ..
I have shot in a pub sign for things to enjoy - without the burden
In addition, the store owner minute ahead and add new services at any time, you know? ^ ^

View ◁ ◀ ▶ ▷ Lee
'Oh ... Where is the restaurant where the hell ssanjipyiji ..? And do not see this being a closer. '
Restaurants, ssanjip, atmosphere joteunjip Want to know a little more accurately?
Every bottle footprints left by now review itdapnida ^ ^ I want to find a bar

▶ ▷ every chapter and menu-based ◁ ◀ S. Lee Bo
"Today's gonna suljipjom dinner alahbwaba ~"
Internet reporting is still behind the menu, ask your phone?
Now all this is simply to determine applications for mobile phones and book-
Without having to go directly to stores can even look at a picture ~
Even see the menu in advance, so ... Call now to shuffle
Long would not have to be watching?

◁ ◀ ▶ ▷ also support
"Every bottle Hope Where the hell!??"
We're hard to find a bar or a neighborhood?
Easier Now I want to map service
Pubs in one location!
Vain and I do not have to walk long legs hurt?

◁ ◀ ▶ ▷ up to two updates
Seoul, the metropolitan area nationwide coverage to begin raising
Gihoekhaenon special features! To those required for drinking
Every bottle in the feature ^ ^ Please look forward to updating doeni

The blind point of the door ★ ★
'm Also full of gamaengjeommun easy!?
Every bottle (in the My Applications page) enter (in gamaengjeommun) Click on ~
Kindly advice will help you ^ ^ deurindap
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