Tango classes

Free app with a presentation of all classes: Tango de Salón, Tango de Fantasía, Milonga and Vals

The free app contains:
- A survey of the course material
- Dances showing the content of every class
- One chapter of every class (the others may be purchased)
- Texts for every class
- Text and video on Buenos Aires
- Ricardo´s CV
- Video interview with Ricardo

All other chapters of the respective classes may be individually
purchased as downloads.

The lessons
- are well-structured.
- contain all basics, but also sequences for very advanced dancers.
- explain the most important sequences as well as how to dance in the salón, posture, musicality, adornos etc.
- are well-balanced. Rotraut demonstrates and explains the womens´ steps at equal length and depth as does Ricardo with regard to the men.
- are perfect for all who wish to learn tango as it is danced all over the world in the salón
- were filmed in one of the famous Buenos Aires salóns, "Sin Rumbo"

About Ricardo:
Ricardo has been teaching tango argentino since 1990. He studied with famous maestros in Buenos Aires where he lived for 14 years, and where he still visits on a regular basis. Under the name of "Ricardo y Nicole" he achieved recognition as a dancer, teacher and producer of, among others, the first series of tango classes on video "Curso
de Tango".

With, Rotraut Rumbaum, he has been dedicating himself to tango de salón which they have been teaching across Europe.

More information about Ricardo can be found at

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