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Generates Tarot or Rune readings.

- 9 different Tarot spreads to choose from, ranging from generic, to relationships, to business. Includes classics such as the Celtic Cross and the Cross and Triangle. (Non-Free version has 16)

- 5 different rune spreads, included an extremely detailed Four Quarters spread. (Non-Free version has 9)

- Detailed configuration of special features such as reversals (on/off - use reversal text) or simulated shuffling and a help page explaining what each setting does.

- Reference available in which you can examine any rune or Tarot card without having to wait for it to come up in a reading.

- Detailed in application help including a tutorial, graphical depictions of how to use less obvious features, and historical information about Tarot and Runes.
(Simulated shuffle is only available in the Non-Free version)

This is an ad-supported version of Tarot Teller.

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