Task Pro - To do list



An errand a day keeps the troubles away".
A fun informal and free way to progress with your todo list. Task Pro! To do list helps you to answer a simple question "which of my errands am I going to do today?". A perfect solution for every procrastinator!

☆ Easy and fun to use.
☆ Home screen widgets.
☆ App starts instantly. No flash screen.
☆ Personalize using rich settings and themes.
☆ Undo last delete operation.
☆ Enter new tasks using keyboard or voice.
☆ Optional daily notification.
☆ Optional shake actions.
☆ Flag tasks by colors.
☆ Dropbox and Google Drive support for backup/restore.
☆ Lock tasks you don't want to see daily.
☆ Small memory and CPU footprints.
☆ Detailed help page.
☆ Multi language support.
☆ Minimal permissions, maximal privacy.
☆ Absolutely free. No ads, no gimmicks.
☆ Very responsive developers (try us).

Alternative spellings: Task Pro! to do list | task list, to do list | task list, to do list | task list.
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