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**Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”**

A teacher or schoolteacher is a person who provides education for pupils (children) and students (adults). The role of teacher is often formal and ongoing, carried out at a school or other place of formal education. In many countries, a person who wishes to become a teacher must first obtain specified professional qualifications or credentials from a university or college.

** In this app Discover the importance of "'Teacher Guide**

** Teacher's behave with students matters a lot. teachers class behavior how it should be ?

** Role of a teacher. In building student's career.

** Importance of a Teacher. Why teacher is considered as a responsible person in society.

** Responsibilities of a Teacher towards Students.

** Tips to be a good Teacher. What good qualities should a Teacher possess.

** Qualifications for Being a Teacher. To be a Teacher you required good qualification.

** Applying for Positions) There are positions which are available in schools, institutions.

** Teachers planner). A Teacher is also a planner. He/She plans how to make things simple for their students.

Teacher a role model of the student who has just started his/ her life in a new world with different children and people around.
What are the roles and how to apply towards this sophisticated role.. all information is available.

** NOTE - No information on these words.( teachers credit union) (teachers grader) (teachers aid) (teachers pick) (teachers assistant) (teachers pet)


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