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Television White Noise is an advanced white noise generator for your pleasure. Enjoy sound as well as animation. Choose from 12 channels to relax and fall asleep. Flip through channels, or select your favorite from the channel selector. Set a timer to turn off automatically.

Full Version Channels Include:
Brown noise
Pink noise
White noise

What exactly is white noise?
Similar to how white light can be thought of a cumulation of all the colors of light together, white noise is the sound produced when all frequencies of sound are played at once. Hence, because it contains all possible pitches, it is pitch-less. White noise that occurs in nature includes ocean waves as well as rainfall.

Using white noise to help you sleep
White noise is excellent at absorbing your attention without generating any emotional response, the soothing sound will sweep away any mental clutter and leave you with a nice and quiet mind. Absorbing your attention while not causing over-stimulation, is the most important principal that will create a sleep like meditative state.

Benefits of listening to White Noise
It helps with reducing tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
It can encourage deep sleep and help cure insomnia
For dealing with a restless baby, such as ones with colic, white noise is an excellent sleep aid
It can be used to enhance meditation

Overall the benefits of white noise are improved mental clarity and enhanced relaxation.

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