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If you love finding great BBQ joints (and talking about them), this is the app for you. Built from the ground up expressly for the smartphone-enabled BBQ enthusiast, the Texas Monthly BBQ Finder will help you discover, discuss, and debate the best BBQ joints in Texas--and worldwide. Just one tap of the screen will deliver up all the BBQ joints near you--and what everyone’s saying about them. Nobody knows BBQ like TEXAS MONTHLY, which has been obsessively covering the pitmasters of the Lone Star State since the 1970s. This app draws on those decades of experience, with reviews of hundreds of the top joints in Texas, plus detailed info on thousands more. But it also puts YOU in the driver’s seat. Who do YOU think is serving up the best BBQ right now? This app helps you share your own BBQ discoveries with friends, post your own reviews, debate with other users, keep track of your favorite joints, and much, much more. The Texas Monthly BBQ Finder is the app no connoisseur of smoked meat should be without. The only thing it doesn’t have is a nice smoky smell.


- The “Find” feature detects your location automatically using GPS and serves up basic information on the BBQ joints in your vicinity, wherever you are, from Texas to Timbuktu.

- “Texas Monthly’s List” delivers reviews of the TEXAS MONTHLY Top 50 BBQ Joints in Texas and the 20 Honorable Mentions, all of them sorted by rating.

- Hundreds more detailed up-to-date reviews of Texas BBQ joints are available within the app from TEXAS MONTHLY staff and exclusive content partners. User commenting is attached to all restaurants.

- All reviews and information are shareable through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

- Check-in and star rating features allow you to keep track of your BBQ trips and engage in friendly competition through the “Leaderboard.”

- Customize your profile with a photo. And watch as your BBQ eating bumps you to higher and higher levels of attainment. Are you a “Serious Enthusiast,” a “BBQ Fiend,” or a “Pit Pundit”? Let’s find out.

- The “Buzz” feature is your chance to peek inside the hive mind of BBQ junkies. This lets you see where everyone using the app is eating--and what they have to say about the brisket, ribs, or sausage. Who knows? You might get a great tip. This feature also enables discussion and debate between users.

- The Texas Monthly BBQ Finder is also web-based, so now you can waste hours of your workday arguing with other BBQ hounds about who has the best pork ribs in Dallas, then carry the same conversation out the door on your smartphone. Full functionality can be accessed through texasmonthly.com.

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