TextTrend - The premier tool for text message trend analysis.

    Pick a contact, create a word or phrase, and see by date how many times that contact has sent you that word or phrase.

    For instance, let's say you have been texting your crush for some time now, but aren't sure whether they like you back. Use TextTrend to search all the messages your crush has sent you for smiley emoticons. Check the graph and see if they've been sending you more than usual recently. If so, go for it!

    TextTrend lets you create any phrase/pattern with which to search your text messages. It also has an "Emoticon Search" mode specially designed for searching your messages for emoticons.

    Once you've searched your messages for a pattern, TextTrend presents you with a concise summary of what it found and lets you see the result as a graph or list.

    Want to do something else with those results? TextTrend can save your search result right to your SD card using the CSV (comma-separated values) standard so your data is ready to go.

    For advanced users, TextTrend offers an advanced mode where regular expressions may be entered in the search box.

    Discover patterns in the way your friends text you. Satisfy your curiosity with TextTrend.

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