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Thasbih Counter(Ad Free) is a cutomizable counting app, that can be used effectively for Thasbihs/Dhikr.
Thasbih Formats/Patterns can be created by User themselves thereby it supports infinite ways of counting.

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1. Custom Pattern/Format
2. Auto Save
3. Notifications can be configured separately for each Thasbih.
4. Light Weight and Simple UI.

Valid Patterns

1. Should contain only numbers, multiplying character x & colon :
2. Pattern cannot have number value greater than 999999999.
3. Pattern 4x7 represents the term "count upto 7 for 4 times"
4. Pattern 33:33:34 represents counting upto 100 segmented as 33,33,34.
5. Pattern 3x11:4x7 represents counting upto 11 for 3 times and counting upto 7 for 4 times.
6. For example, Pattern 70000:40:3x11:100:4x7:999999999x999999999:999999999 is completely Valid.

1. SD Card Read/Write: To save the state of Thasbih
2. Vibrator: For Notifications

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