The Elemental Tarot

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    The Elemental Tarot is a synthesis of the best interpretations sifted from the plethora of obscure and sometimes almost incomprehensible decks and books of the past and present. The four suits in the deck are based directly on the four elements - Fire, Earth, Air, and Water - that have served as keys to symbolic interpretations in astrology, tarot, and all early forms of divination, philosophy, and religion.

    The Elemental Tarot is an extraordinary deck, a distillation of centuries of mystical ideas and generations of symbolic design. Caroline Smith's cards depict clear, bold imagery rich in symbolism. John Astrop’s engaging descriptions, interpretations and astrological system explains each card concisely and evocatively.
    The Elemental Tarot quickly gets down to easy-to-understand basics and speeds up the learning process. Its beauty and wisdom will heighten your own awareness of life and its possibilities, and it will soon become an indispensable companion.

    ***** “A sophisticated synthesis of Tarot, Astrology and Mythology.” - Amazon Review
    ***** ”Tarot cards for astrologers” - Amazon Review
    *****“Each image is very evocative and designed with such precision, infusing symbols in clothes, the background and even in borders. There is always so much there.” Aeclectic .com

    • Beautiful cards designed by artist/symbolist Caroline Smith in high-resolution retina detail
    • Simple intuitive interface
    • Easy to learn system based on numerology and elemental symbolism
    • More Interpretations and descriptive text than any other tarot app available
    • In depth unique interpretations for daily, past, present future written by Author/Astrologer John Astrop co-creator of the tarot.
    • 3 Spreads - Daily - Past,Present,Future - Elemental
    • Full astrological explanation for each card
    • Extensive manual on the cards and how to read them
    • View the cards by suit at your leisure and learn the deeper secrets of each card
    • Email your readings and screenshot of your spread with a tap of a button
    • Special realistic shuffle algorithm to ensure truly random deals

    More features to be added in future updates

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