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The Grotto at Capone’s is a mobile app now!

With The Grotto at Capone’s mobile app you receive exclusive deals, discounts, and other premium benefits.

Keep track of upcoming events, deals, drink specials, food specials, our menu, and our drink of the week all from your mobile app!

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The Grotto at Capone’s based in Kalamazoo is Western Michigan University’s premier bar/restaurant.

Join us on your birthday for exclusive specials and have your photo posted on Capone’s Wall.

Download the app today and be the first one to receive these upcoming features as they come out.

Upcoming Features:

Post photos taken at The Grotto At Capone’s and one of them might be highlighted at the bar.

Beat The Grotto at Capone’s Game for a Grotto Gift Card.

Connect and check-in at The Grotto at Capone’s through Facebook or Google+
Get direction straight to the Grotto At Capone’s

View The Grotto at Capone’s Student Video of the week straight from your phone

Event scheduling straight from your phone

Get direction straight to The Grotto at Capone’s

Enter contests and tournaments straight from your phone.

Call a Taxi instantly for a safe ride home

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