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Prepare, monitor and protect family, friends and employees during an emergency. The Safety App allows critical texts to get through even when cellular voice and data networks are overwhelmed. It puts access to real-time family and group safety status details, privacy controls, location-based weather alerts, individual and group text messaging and critical safety resources at your fingertips. No monthly fee. Smartphones are not required for all members.

Two versions of The Safety App are available.

A free version of The Safety App provides:
• Automatic reporting of your current predetermined safety status – “at work,” “on my way,” etc.
• At a glance family or group member status (safe, not safe, no status) and a short message from each member (Light provides location for RSS, not for status)
• A communication tool to send a common message to selected members and to instantly see member responses and take action
• Location specific, real-time weather alerts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provide an early warning and details about potentially dangerous weather or emergency situations
• Customizable emergency checklists and contacts
• Online resource links for emergency assistance
• Up to 5 members or contacts

For a $4.99 onetime fee per device, The Safety App Plus adds:
• Real-time GPS location services with street address approximations
• Unlimited number of members or contacts

Prepare. Monitor. Act. The Safety App helps you to do all three. Quickly set your current status – i.e. “at work” or “on my way” -- and indicate whether you are safe or not safe (e.g., require assistance). Assess local weather conditions and alerts. View your safety group for status updates. Send texts to specific group members or to the entire group with ease. See group member’s locale as a street address. In a matter of minutes, you can have peace of mind that everyone in your group is accounted for, safe, and where they should be.

The Safety App: Your trusted safety net.

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