Today's Family Fridge




    With Today’s Family Fridge Mobile Application at your fingertips, you’ll begin to connect with your child’s day in a whole new way!

    The app includes five fresh features that help Today’s Family staff and families stay connected:

    The Calendar: Here you’ll find your child’s Today’s Family activities. Keep up with events and view by day, week or month.
Notes: Long gone are the days of loosing paper notes sent home in knapsacks! Here you’ll find notes from Today’s Family regarding your child’s day and upcoming activities.

    Whiteboard: During the day, you can connect with Today’s Family on the Whiteboard. Send and receive short messages about your child’s day.

    Gallery: View the private gallery to see photos of your child learning and discovering. Leave a comment on your child’s photo for Today’s Family to see. Then, you’ll have the option to share your child’s photo on your social media networks.

    Open the Fridge: Want to know what healthy snacks and meals are on the table for your child with Today’s Family? View in the fridge to see daily menus.

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