Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking




    If you're one of the millions looking for effective methods to quit smoking, then you've certainly come to the right place.

    Nicotine addiction affects millions of people around the globe, and each year thousands look for new methods to quit smoking.

    With that in mind, we've brought you the most popular different methods to quit smoking that you can use to once and for all break free from the hold that cigarettes have over you and your health.

    Before we get started, how about a little extra incentive?

    Here's the cold, harsh truth about what's inside your cigarettes.

    Everyone knows about the nicotine and the tar, but what about the other chemicals contained in each and every cigarette?

    Well, believe it or not, that last cigarette you enjoyed so much came with an extra dose of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, cyanide, arsenic and DDT.

    If that doesn't scare the pants off you, nothing will. So let's find a quit smoking program to get you off those coffin sticks.