Tracking Crime Buzzer



Easy security tool of the time of what-if
Tracking security buzzer as well as function as a security buzzer that sounds a loud sound at the push of button,
It is a crime prevention buzzer app tracking you to inform us immediately by e-mail security buzzer Once pressed, to track the terminal to stop manually, E-mail to automatically position stuck to.
It is useful to notice whereabouts at the time of the crime prevention distress, lost, in mountain climbing.

○Simple tracking
Just set up an e-mail sent with your Google account. You will be able to notify you by e-mail whereabouts when the button is pressed.

○Easy check the whereabouts
Move one shot to Googlemap site by clicking the URL it is written in the mail.

○Anyone use
Since they use Gmail, you can use the Android all terminals. Since there is no contract or monthly registration, feel free to ask anyone.

・You can that you start tracking without ringing the buzzer.
・It is determined the number of minutes every you want to save the position information, or notify by e-mail if you take what times the position information.
・I can register up to 3 up to the notification destination.
・Confirmation of the position can be found at this URL mail sent.
・Get the position information by the network or GPS.
 *It is recommended that you ON the GPS as much as possible.

[How to use]
1.Please set by pressing the gear button.
 I Bong buzzer without any configuration.
2.Loud sound becomes, long press the "Buzzer" button pierced the earphone, please make sure mail is sent successfully.
Earphone please do not to your ear because it is very big sound.
3.Will be allowed to start the Mimamori without sounding a buzzer if you press and hold the button "Silent".
4.Press the gear button to stop tracking, please press the stop tracking.

If you have any bug reports, and requests
Do you write in the comments, Please contact
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