Travel Safer



Ever felt nervous travelling alone? Ever sat in the back of a cab, with your phone in hand, ready to

dial someone’s number to call in case there’s an emergency? Travel Safer is designed to make you

feel safer.

Travel Safer is designed to do just that, make travelling, safer, with added peace of mind.

Pre-book your minicab in advance, or hail a Taxi on the street, then log your ride with Travel Safer.

Once registered

1. Enter in the car registration of the vehicle you are about to get in to.

2. Optionally you can tell the app whether you hailed the cab in the street or pre-booked it.

3. Hit submit, and the app captures your location and automatically posts a copy of your check

in and vehicle details to your Facebook wall, including your location.

You can even use the app, if offered a lift home on a first date for example – making both you and

the driver’s vehicle, traceable.

Travel Safer is designed to prevent a problem before it exists, by giving upfront accountability of the

users as both are traceable in the event something untoward occurs.

Upgrade to our premium version by searching Travel Safer Pro and you can also –

• Add a photo to your check in

• Check out of the journey with your own unique pin, so we know you have arrived safely at

your destination

• Alert friends if you get in to trouble with a secret emergency pin

Travel Safer is supported by passengers and genuine drivers alike, genuine drivers want to eradicate

the unlicensed and illegal touts; and endorse schemes that make you feel more comfortable

travelling with them.

Use the app – and mention it to your driver.

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