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This app is an alarm that read aloud a variety of information using the TTS (Text To Speech).

※This app uses Google standard TTS (Text To Speech).
 How to change to another TTS engine is described in the following link.

[Easy manual]
 1. "Main" screen
  Tap the "Alarm setting list" button at the bottom

 2. "Alarm setting list" screen
  Tap the "New addition" button
  Set the "Start Time" (Checked)
  Tap the "OK" button
  Tap the item that was added

 3. "Alarm playlist" screen
  Tap the "New addition" button
  Select the "Kind"
  ※Described as you have selected "Web" after here.
  Set the "URL"
  ※Can easily set up by using the "Using browser" button.
  Tap the "OK" button
  ※Can listen by the "audition" button.

 That's all. The alarm will go off at the start time.

 ・Can change the method (mode) to stop the alarm
  Normal: "Snooze" button、"Stop" button
  Rub:   Specified number of times, it is necessary to rub the mascot
  Tap:   Specified number of times, it is necessary to tap the mascot
  Touch:  Specified number of times, it is necessary to touch the moving mascot
 ・Can change the vibration of the alarm
 ・Can change the volume of the alarm
  Can ignore the silent mode.
 ・Can change to 24-hour or 12-hour with AM or PM
 ・Can change to seconds display or hide
 ・Can change the date display
 ・Can check the time zone, daylight saving time
 ・The list is sortable
 ・Can change speech rate, so you can listen speedy
 ・Can change speech language, so you can let it read aloud the site of the foreign language
 ・Can replace the character and read aloud
 ・Can read the clock aloud if tapping the clock
 ・Can read current time aloud by special character
 ・This app can translate (Google Translate)

[TTS (Text To Speech) engine]
 Google standard TTS supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.
 ※For information about advanced settings, please refer to the link below.
  Another TTS engine: IVONA, SVOX

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