Ultimate Secret Box (Call&MMS)




    NEW: MMS supports, hide your message with pictures now

    Ultimate Secret Box allows you to hide call logs and text messages in a password protection box.

    It's now fully compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

    Build upon Blacklist technology, this small box is completely secure and protect your privacy. Once you add a number into this box, no one can see your call logs and sms (both incoming and outgoing)

    1. Most wanted features
    ☆ Import contacts from your Phonebook
    Move all call logs/ sms (in the past and in the future) to secret box
    Filter MMS message to secret box (PRO)
    ☆ 40 alternative free themes (free version limit to 2)
    ☆ Restore logs and messages any time along with contact (numbers, emails)
    ☆ Replace stock notification by Secret Box notification (hide number in notifications) (experimental)
    ☆ Password protection to make it work as a private sms and call log
    ☆ Migrate/restore sms and call logs in two clicks
    ☆ Option to hide icon from Launcher/Drawer (PRO, launch app by dial a pre-defined number)
    ☆ Option to two factor protection (dial then PIN)
    Customize notifications (icon, message, vibration - PRO)

    2. Important notices
    ☆ Request PIN by email (pre-configure required)
    ☆ This app is shown as "USB Free" in your launcher
    ☆ Don't forget to restore all Secret Box's contacts before uninstall this app
    ☆ By default, when icon is hide, dial 8888 to open the app.

    3. ProKey now available to upgrade to Pro features

    4. Compatibility notices
    If you use Chomp, Handcent, and Go SMS, please read guide to configure these apps in order to work with Secret Box.

    If you can not launch USB in dial mode, please try to dial ##[your-dial number]

    ** Affiliation **
    Ultimate Secrect Box is not affiliated with SPC, Private SMS/MMS Box, Fox Private Message, Horizon, Locky, Hide Text & Call logs, Shady SMS, or Text Eraser.

    Any comments, request, ideas, please send to

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