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We are glad to present you a wonderful recipe application about Uzbek cuisine which consists of 80 daily recipes. 60 recipes are illustrated with step by step pictures.
This application can serve as an excellent food guide for tourists who are going to visit Uzbekistan or Central Asian countries. The app also can benefit gourmands who are eager to know about the secrets of Uzbekistan cuisine and Central Asian food, in general.

Application consists of:
• several Uzbek Palov (plov) recipes;
• somsa (samosa, samusa) types;
• dumplings (e.g.: Manti, Honim, Gulhonim);
• Central Asian bread types (e.g.: Patir, Obi non, Lochira);
• preparation of Uzbek traditional dish Sumalak (type of samanu);
• home made noodles (Lagman, Laghman) with traditional pulling techniques;
• dessert cream from licorice root (Nisholda);
• Central Asian Baklava type;
• preparation process of puff pastry dough;
• information about traditional drinks;
• and many more recipes.

Application can be used in all countries without active Internet/data connection.

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