Valencian rice recipes



Here finally a selection of the best rice of Valencia, here we cook and how we cook.

Ingredients such as cooking and how many people. We show you how to make them step by step, and now plays your part.

We will expand gradually recipes

Some of our rice ...

Paella Valenciana

Paella is the highest standard of Valencian cuisine and probably also of the Spanish, due to its global culinary recognition. Its origin, like all popular cuisine, derived from the combination of foods that each family had at its disposal, especially in the area of ​​Valencia orchard that supplied fresh vegetables. Moreover, it was customary formerly raise chickens and rabbits for family use, so if we add to all this abundance of rice grown in the Albufera, the result is this genuine Valencian dish named after the vessel in which it is cooked
Seafood Paella

Seafood is one of the great treasures that flatters the Valencian coast to lovers of good food. And talk about the cuisine of Valencia, obviously you could not miss the seafood in its signature dish: paella. The result is a sublime combination of flavors with Mediterranean identity. A classic.

Rice Stuffed Peppers
The Valencian cuisine like no other knows how to use the fruits of their land. As an example, this recipe that combines in one dish one of the most typical garden products, pepper, and the Albufera rice. A healthy dish with lots of vitamins, high or perfect for a light dinner.

Baked Rice

The peculiarity of this rice, as its name suggests, is that it is cooked in the oven. And, like the Valencian paella and other rice dishes, is also a popular dish of origin, which in his case was made from the remains of the stew. That's why among its ingredients missing chickpeas, pork ribs and sausage. This dish is typical especially in regions like the Coast where Xàtiva been held for some years the National Competition baked rice.

Black Rice

A classic Valencian rice, which takes its color from the squid ink used during processing. Cooked in paella, this dish borrows all the flavor of the squid to soar on top of the rice dishes.

Rice with lobster

This is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite dishes of rice cooked in many Valencia. A bowl of sugary texture where rice yields part of its role to lobster, to the delight of lovers of good seafood

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