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Vastu Consultant App calculates the Vastu Shastra Compliant Score instantly based on the traditional Indian science called Vastu Shastra. This Vastu Calculator also gives the information about the various rules and suggestions given by the Vastu Shastra. By following these rules and suggestions, any body can make their homes, offices, factories, business a better place and can remove the negative energies from that place. This app also gives vastu suggestions for improving love life, health, career and pregnancy. If the vastu score is less, then it also suggests the remedies for improving the vastu score. These remedies for homes will improve the flow of positive energy in the home, will make home a better place to live.The app has compass for vastu score for different parts of house. Turn bricks into magic bricks in your home through correct Vastu measures. The App also provides Vastu Tips from experts which would help make your dream home happy and properous by revealing hidden secrets.
What is Vastu Shastra?
Vastu Shastra or Vastuvidya is defined by Wikipedia as the Science of Construction. The architectural designs are based on the science of directional alignment. Vastu means 'home or place of living' and Shastra means 'science'. The five basic elements of planet earth are: Bhumi, Vayu, Aksha, Agni and Jal. Vastu Shastra is similar to Chinese Feng Shui which western world takes as its alternative.
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