Vibration alarm clock




    "Vibration Alarm Clock" is a vibration-only alarm clock application.
    This application notifies the alarm only in vibration in without sounding the alarm.
    Therefore, it is useful as an alarm if the sound is ringing is troubled.
    The biggest feature is that can alarm notification in the original work the vibration pattern.
    Vibration patterns can be created easily.
    During the train and conferences, sound such as a quiet office of break time can be used as an alarm when trouble Once.

    [How to use]
    ■ alarm setting method
    ● Please add the alarm schedule.
    ● Tap the alarm list, please register set time the alarm setting screen, vibration pattern, the day of the week.
    ● Please tap the Delete button from the alarm setting screen if you want to delete.
    ● You can change the setting / release of alarm in the list screen.

    ■ vibration pattern creation method
    Please tap the Vibe button ●.
    ● Please select the next change vibration pattern.
    ● Tap the Start button to start the creation of a vibration pattern.
    ● Create a vibration pattern by tapping the screen. (Please follow the instructions on the screen)
    ● Tap the stop button to stop the creation of a vibration pattern. (Or it will stop creating in time end)
    ● You can check the vibration pattern when you tap the confirmation button.
    ● Save the vibration pattern that was created when you tap the Save button.

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