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Now experience Victory Life Church anytime, anywhere . . . Connect
with others through small groups and prayer boards. Be one of the first to
know events and ministry alerts. . . .ignite your walk with the Lord with
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• Sermons--watch and listen from home or anywhere across
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• Interactive Prayer Wall—an incredible way to connect
with a powerful prayer community: share prayer needs, your own
requests, and praises; get instant prayer updates, keep your prayer
list “in your pocket” to check often, and let others know you’re
praying for them—a prayer warrior’s paradise!

• Tweets and Events—stay up-to-date on church
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• Now the Entire Bible—complete and fully functional—in
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• Take Sermon Notes—and experience the effective,
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notes! No more missing key points as you flip through your Bible.
For added convenience and clarity, you can also print or convert
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• Discover Our Staff, Governing Values, Vision, Mission,
and More—it’s like a “church leader photo album” in your pocket,
with added bios, church background, future goals, and more—all
ready to enrich and edify your church experience!

• Maps, Directions, Contact Info.—conveniently displayed
to de-stress your day.

• Now, Truly Innovative: Give Offerings Easily--with just
two clicks! Completely secure, keeps your tithe “on track,”
eliminates paperwork, and helps you stay mission-minded. Amazing!

• Photo and Image Galleries, Videos, and More--a favorite
feature for all ages. When the church posts exciting content—
videos and photos from mission trips and church events, personal
testimonies, and more--you can watch, share, and impact others
with the Gospel.

• Invite Friends and Help Transform Lives—as you share
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and get your faith moving on a remarkable mobile adventure!

Why wait? Download this free app today . . . and get your faith moving
on a remarkable mobile adventure! www

Victory Life Church is an evangelistic, spirit empowered church, known for it’s multi
cultural and generational diversity. We offer contemporary elements with a high value
on community. Located in Battle Creek, MI

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