VIDEO BIBLE(The Great Love)

■ The Great Love, the touching 240-minute animation:
...was produced to provide viewers a quick understanding of God's word throughout the New Testament.
...was produced to be utilized as an easy-to-use tool for delivering the gospel, the mission of every believer.
...will become the guideline that will help you preserve your goal of faith as a believer throughout the journey of life.

■ Two years of 3-D planning and development
The Great Love is an animation that achieves a harmonious balance of beautifully animated images, the passionate sounds of voice actors, and music. Never before has such a project been attempted. Put aside your Bibles for a moment, with their thin pages, compact text, and stiff leather backing, and immerse yourself in the amazing Word portrayed on-screen through vivid animations.

■ Video Bible Index
01. Matthew - Jesus Christ, who came as our king
02. Mark - Jesus Christ who came as a servant
03. Luke - Jesus Christ, who came as a human being
04. John - Jesus Christ, who came as God
05. Acts - Beginning of the Church
06. Romans - God's righteousness
07. 1 Corinthians - Resolving conflicts
08. 2 Corinthians - Identity of the Christian
09. Galatians - The faith and life of a Christian
10. Ephesus - A united church
11. Philippians - Joy of the Christian
12. Colossians - The excellence of Jesus Christ
13. 1 and 2 Thessalonians - Second Coming of Jesus Christ
14. 1 Timothy - Order of the church and pious life
15. 2 Timothy - Calling for the gospel
16. Titus - Establishes order in the church
17. Philemon - Love of the true Christian
18. Hebrews - The most excellent Jesus Christ
19. James - Faith put into practice
20. 1 and 2 Peter - Letter of hope
21. 1, 2 and 3 John - The true spiritual fellowship and life
22. Jude - Warning against false teachers
23. Revelation 1 - Beginning of revelation and the seven churches
24. Revelation 2 - Judgment and Victory

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