The WAAVE app for Android is the quickest, easiest and cashless way to place your order for food, drinks and store items at our partner vendors and events in Singapore.

    The app is designed to skip queues, share tabs, send and receive gifts, find the best deals in the island, and much more.

    WAAVE is completely redesigned with an improved interface, a more personal activity screen and reworked technology for even faster order verifications.

    How does it work:

    -Check-in at our partner venue in Singapore
    -View the menu and tap on the item, to place the order.
    -Use credits to make payment. Credits are equivalent to money, which can be added to the account using your Credit/Debit card.
    -After placing the order you will receive an OTP
    -Give the server the OPT at the time of delivery or allow the staff to complete the transaction on your phone

    ... it takes seconds! never wait to pay again!

    -Free to use, you only pay for your purchased items
    -Ride the Cashless WAAVE, no wallet necessary
    -Skip the queues (especially at events)
    -Get the best deals in town, most our venues give you at least 10% off of the entire bill
    -Missed out a friends birthday? Send a token of love through WAAVE
    -Split the tab with friends / family buy doing a peer-to-peer transfer on the spot
    -Can save your favourites at different venues
    -Makes it easier to repeat the same order
    -Bookmark your favourite venues
    -Locate venues that are STILL OPENED!
    -Enjoy Special Deals and Promotions
    -Seamless and Secure payments
    -Experience the Best Service using WAAVE

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