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    Android application to locate and be informed of the status of dependent people. Ideal for:

    A. - Parents who want to:
    ★ Knowing the movements of their children.
    ★ Prevent your children get on a vehicle without your permission.
    ★ Anti-kidnapping..
    ★ Watch for the elderly.
    ★ Knowing the speed or rate at which their children use the car.
    ★ Anti-lost or stolen mobile.

    2. - Fleet Management:
    ★ Status of each vehicle.
    ★ Alarm to overcome the speed limit.
    ★ Anti-theft vehicles.

    3. - Companies:
    ★ Position of each employee.
    ★ Let know if your employee leaves workplace.
    ★ Control access to restricted areas.

    The Watcher is aware of what their "watched" are doing and allows you to:
    ★ Map their current position.
    ★ Designate an area of ​​permanence that may not be removed without your knowledge.
    ★ Set the prohibited areas that can not enter.
    ★ Detect if they are uploaded to a vehicle.
    ★ Knowing how fast circulate.
    ★ Check the path of his last movements.

    If Watcher detects a violation, you will be notified immediately by one or more of the following alarm systems:

    ★ Activate audible alarm and notification in the offender's phone.
    ★ Sending an SMS message immediately to the designated mobile.
    ★ Sending an email to the address indicated.

    Besides, Watcher allows you to configure your terminals remotely and at any time you may add or remove different areas and change the alarm systems.

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