What Is Marriage



What is marriage? A marriage is like a river of love that just keeps on flowing as the tides of joy and heartahce continue to roll in and out.


We tend to forget that our marriage is made of two people....

As we focus more on ourselves, our partner feels more neglected.

It is difficult to say how many of us quiz their partner about how they are feeling?

As we focus not only on ourselves but also on our partner, the marriage will become stronger.


Couples who have not previously lived together may not be fully prepared for what it means to have another person live in your life 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Marriage Counseling For Prevention

A counselor is trained to hear what the people speaking are saying, while partners in a marriage will inevitably filter out some of the other person’s message, no matter how clearly they believe they are putting it forward.


Common Marriage Problems - Neglect

It is so easy to work your life away, forget about your family, your partner and your relationship.

People putting work before family is such a common marriage problem that seems to pop up time and time again.


Defining Marriage All Over Again

The things that can rob a marriage of romance during the working part of your married years are the coming of children, the hard work of raising them, keeping a career moving forward in the tough business settings we have experienced in the last three decades and seeing your own relationship evolve under that kind of “pressure cooker” environment.


Chapter 1-Marriage Quiz

Chapter 2-Common Marriage Problems - Neglect

Chapter 3-How to Save An Abusive Marriage

Chapter 4-Marriage Counseling For Prevention

Chapter 5-Can Seperation Save A Marriage

Chapter 6-Secret Of A Happy Marriage

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