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    Wi-Fi Parent is an innovative Android™ app for parents to limit mobile usage on their children’s devices. It allows parents to schedule the time that children are allowed to access Wi-Fi, SMS for Texting, Calling, or completely disable the device to eliminate the distraction when kids are supposed to be doing homework or sleeping.

    Wi-Fi Parent puts the control back in the parents’ hands, which means your family can enjoy the benefits of having children with mobile devices without worrying about interference in priorities or the arguments that come with physically restricting usage.

    Improve your kids health and grades!

    Every parent knows that mobile devices distract kids from many things, but the most important side effects are on their health and grades.

    Wi-Fi Parent will help improve:
    -Homework schedules and grades
    -Regular meal times and family discussions
    -Scheduled bedtimes and more attentive students
    -Family order, conflict reduction, and traditional boundries

    Supported Mobile Devices:
    -Android™ Mobile OS 2.2 and above
    -Kindle™ Fire and other Android™ readers with Wi-Fi

    Future Platforms:
    -Windows™ Mobile
    -Windows™ for PCs and Laptops
    -iOS™ Devices

    Coming Soon -

    Wi-Fi Parent+

    The Plus version of Wi-Fi Parent will have all of the same functionality as the standalone, but with the additional capability of managing all of your kids' devices remotely. Need to change a curfew time or ground someone ... no more fighting to find all the devices to adjust the settings. You will be able to login to our secure Wi-Fi Parent+ Scheduling portal and maintain all of your kid's devices from one secure location.

    Wi-Fi Parent+ will be a renewable service offered at $5.99 annually for the web-based Scheduler or $9.99 annually for the web-based Scheduler plus an unlimited number of Android™ device licenses.


    This application can access the following on your phone:

    Yours Messages - receive SMS

    Your Personal information - read contact data

    Storage - modify/delete SD card contents

    Services that cost you money - directly call numbers, send SMS messages

    Phone calls - intercept outgoing calls, read phone state, and identity

    System tools - change network connectivity, change Wi-Fi state, modify global system settings, prevent

    phone from sleeping, write Access Point Name settings, and automatically start at boot

    Network communication - view network state, view Wi-Fi state

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