This App is a dedication to all Husbands who are either suffering or leading a happy married life.

As Socrates said "Marry, either you will lead a happy life or become spiritual"

There seems to be ongoing psychological war between Husband and Wives and this apps main aim is to reduce this conflict and thus help to lead a good life

Most of the misunderstanding is due to
a) not appreciating for good things done by your wife and
b) not educating your Wife with bad things she does using facts and figures, rather just arguing without data

wifetrack app helps you to overcome both the problems mentioned above

features include
-> Record all actions done by your Wife across 8 different key aspects of life like kids, parents, in-laws, friends, food, work, finance and general
-> share the actions with your wife or a mutual friend for further analysis or help
-> Video talk on "How to overcome the relationship problems"
-> Audio talk on "Tips for Husband to improve relationship with Wife"
-> Set Reminders to track all actions consistently

"Men are from Mars and Women from Venus" and this app will help you bring both to Earth :) and lead a heavenly life right here :)

Dont worry if your wife is talkative wife or Adamant wife or unhappy wife or a wife gone wild , this app will set it all right and ensure you will never say "i dont love my wife anymore"

I plan to use the money that comes with this app for helping everybody to stay positive and cherish a great life and thanks for being a contributor to this purpose.

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