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  • Many features
  • Great design
  • Most features are paid ones
  • It's not well marketed

"Wine picks with an expert"

Natalie MacLean Wine Picks is an application that finds the perfect wine pairing for each meal. When you open the app, it asks you to register and then offers a fee of $2.10/ month for no more bad wine and thousands of reviews. The problem is that this app is marketed as a free app and that's not true.

You can't access to the pairings or reviews without sharing the info via twitter or facebook and you need to pay for the barcode scanner, which is why most users downloaded the app in the first place. You can access for free to the blog entries, wine quotes, wineries, wine facts or information about Natalie's book, which you can also find in the Internet.

If you have enough with those features and a few more, you'll be perfectly happy with the app, but it's undeniable that it's wrongly promoted and should specify that most of the services are paid. Besides that, the design is clean and aesthetic and it's easy to use, although it force closed twice.

Natalie MacLean is the developer of Natalie MacLean Wine Picks, an application for wine lovers and people who want to choose the best wines for the family and friends. It's kind of confusing whether which features are free or not.

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