Wines and Vintages World Ed.



After the breathtaking success of the Wines and Vintages on iOS with more than 100.000 downloads, we present you the new World Edition!
- World Edition with information about the wine regions of the 12 most prestigious wine producers countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, South Africa and US.

- Detailed Vintages from 1990 until 2010 with more than 2,000 vintages carefully qualified.
- 100% reliable and contrasted information, drawn from the most prestigious lists, professionals from different countries and the results of our oenology club.
- Improved interface with new features for the user. Easier and more useful.

Wines and Vintages World Edition has already been positioned as an essential guide to learn the vintage qualification from different regions of countries all over the world, with reliable and contrasted information.

Are you having a meal with some friends and you have to choose the wine?
Do you have a meal with your boss and you have to make a good impression with it?
Thanks to Wines and Vintage World Edition you will not choose the wine at random because you will know the quality of each vintage wine according to its year and guarantee of origin. It is just that easy!
Sure, you will always be right thanks to this application. As everybody knows, the most expensive wine is not necessary the one with higher quality.
Enjoy this application! And, of course, enjoy a good glass of wine!

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