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World Panchangam (Sanskrit pañcāṅgam ) is a Hindu astrological almanac, which follows traditional Indian cosmology, and presents important astronomical data in tabulated form.

Highlights of this app:

1. Calculated based on the precise dRuk-gaNita system.
2. Precise Rahu Kalam and Yema Gandam based on your location's Sunrise for the day. This is important because more often that not Rahu Kalam/Yema Gandam starts before the general timing and also may last longer.
3. Works when you are off-line too.

Panchangam in Sanskrit means '5 elements" of a day. They are:

Tithi - Ending Moment (EM) of elongation of the Moon, the lunar day , the angular relationship between Sun and Moon ( True Moon minus True Sun). One Tithi equals 12 degree difference between Moon and Sun.

Nakshatra - EM of asterism of the day, that is, the stellar mansion in which Moon is located for an observer on Earth. One Nakshatra equals 13 degrees:20 minutes. There are 27 Nakshatra in 360 degrees.

Yoga - EM of the angular relationship between Sun and Moon( True Moon plus True Sun). One Yoga equals 13 degrees:20 minutes. There are 27 Yogas in 360 degrees.

Karana - EM of half of a Tithi. One Karaṇa equals 6 degree difference between Moon and Sun.

Var weekday the seven weekdays.

Wolrd Panchangam provides all the above mentioned 5 elements plus Rahu Kalam, Yema Gandam as well as sunrise / sunset for a given day in Hindu Calendar for more than 350+ locations worldwide.

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