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The Yahnis Company of Myrtle Beach brings you the ultimate beer lover's app! You will find your favorite beers and where they are served around town with our "Beer Spy" feature! Stay up to date on your favorite seasonal brews and where they are introduced, craft beers, and more! This app also features a "Beer Educator" to help you determine the unique taste profiles that make the true beer-lover in you! We give you unique beer-inclusive recipes and pairings, so you can entertain with taste and style! And, be sure to catch tastings, parties, and promotions in our special events calendar! If you love beer, and you live in or visit Myrtle Beach, then download this app! Please drink responsibly, and do not share this app with anyone under 21 years of age.

Beer Finder
Beer Spy
Beer Educator
Beer Recipes and Pairings
Events and Promotions
Seasonal Brews

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