YWCA Safety Alert



The YWCA Safety Alert App is designed to enhance the safety of young women at any time and anywhere.

- In the Safety Alert page, a simple tap on the alert button or a shake of the phone in an emergency situation activates an alarm which gives off a loud shrilling sound to attract the attention of passer-bys within the vicinity.

- When the safety alert is activated, a discrete distress email message and SMS text message will be sent to your pre-set list of emergency contacts. A notification will also be sent to fellow users in your vicinity. Your phone's GPS will record down your approximate location, and this will be shown as part of the distress email, SMS and notification message. You can also choose to make an emergency call to one selected contact.

- Use the Time-table function to manage your daily schedule and to-do list of tasks.

- Go to the Home page to get regular updates on the latest quizzes and articles from YWCA's notebook publication.

- There is also a section on available helplines in Singapore if you need to seek advice and counselling on various issues.

Note: Some features such as Safety Alert and Home require users to be connected to a wireless network for full functionality.


Visit YWCA Singapore at http://www.ywca.org.sg for more information about the organization.

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