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    'ZB Baby Gender Predictor' tries to predict the Gender of a Baby as per the Chinese Gender Prediction chart. History says that Chinese Gender Prediction Chart was buried in a royal tomb near Beijing in 13th Century. The original chart is supposed to be kept in the Institute of Science in Beijing.

    Though this chart has given accurate results to many people, there is no guarantee about the prediction as it is NOT scientifically proven so far and we make no claims about its accuracy. Please treat this application for entertainment/fun purposes only.

    'ZB Baby Gender Predictor' can be used in two ways.

    1) To Predict the gender of a Baby - Using mother's date of birth and conceive date (or child's date of birth), gender of the Baby can be Predicted.

    2) To Plan for a particular Baby - Depending on the mother's date of birth, Conceive Calendar will be generated indicating the baby’s gender for each month. So, accordingly couples can plan for a particular baby.

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