A-GPS Switch



This widget improves location accuracy of GPS by automatically turning on WiFi when GPS has started.
Android has a feature which can improve location accuracy with WiFi. This feature is called Assisted GPS (A-GPS).
However, keeping on WiFi drains your battery, and it bothers you turning on WiFi when you started maps.
This widget help you to use A-GPS feature by automatically keeping on WiFi only while you are using maps. Of couse WiFi is automatically turned off when you stopped maps.

By additionally enabling "Smart A-GPS", WiFi will be enabled only when GPS strength is weak, and your battery will be saved further more.

Turn off this widget in places where no WiFi can be caught such as mountains.

- Use Widget
0. Confirm "Google location service" is enabled.
1. Add a widget named "A-GPS Switch".
2. Tap the widget to enable A-GPS.
3. Launch your map application.

- Use App
1. Launch "A-GPS Switch" app from drawer.
2. Enable/Disable A-GPS on the app.

Android 2.2 and higher
(Demonstrated at Android 4.0.3)

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