Auto Suite



Welcome to download Auto series softwares:
A. Auto Clinic
B. Auto Suite
C. Auto Suite Cloud

1> Auto Clinic[ABC]: Real-time read the vehicle's ECU data and trouble codes.
2> Auto Options[ABC]:Real-time read the vehicle's ECU data you are interesting in.
3> Auto Rescue[BC]: Send SMS or call telphone to rescue unit, tell them about your vehicle's GPS location and troube codes.
4> Auto Traffic[ABC]:Send realtime traffic reports to radio traffic or department of traffic.
5> Auto Test[BC]: driving force test and braking test.
6> Auto Daily[BC]: Real-time compute and save the vehicle's fuel/mileage/location data,
query/statistics the records, and location driving track in google Map.
7> Auto Alarm[ABC]: Setting Fatigue Driving Alarm/High Temperature Alarm/Overspeed Alarm/Autoreply/Maintenance Prompt
8> Auto Cost[ABC]: Add or Remove or modify the fuel / insurance / illegal / maintenance / expense records, query statistics import and export a certain period of time different types of records.
How to import data? Save the file in the SD card root directory of the [1-2-3.csv]. The format of records in this file is the same to the format of records in the exported file.
9> Auto Sync[C]: Download your interesting vehicle's ECU commands and troubld codes, upload and download your vehicle's log.
10> Auto Config[ABC]: Add The British/U.S. System about Measurement unit system for users from U.S. and British

>>> Coming into the main interface, the program automatically search
and connect with paired Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth logo appears top left corner of the screen,
indicating a successful connection.Searching and connection process for some time delay,
if you do not need to connect a Bluetooth device.You can press the Back button to skip the process.

>>> We can provide customers with customized features such as: diagnostic system
of the vehicle[Audi Honda Toyota ...]

>>> How to buy a OBDII bluetooth Adaptor?

>>> How to download those softwares?

Any questions or suggestions, contact us:

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