Car manager (mileage,expenses)



Car manager - application for a full accounting for the maintenance of any vehicle. Includes consideration of fuel, repairs, other expenses (parking, insurance, car mileage etc.).

-User-friendly interface
-Accounting information on refueling, repairs and other types of expenses
-The calculation of fuel efficiency in different units (mpg, liters per 100 km, etc)
-A variety of different statistics
-Counting the cost of ownership of the vehicle
-Many different charts
-Support for multiple vehicles/cars
-Reminders of the required expense or service
-SD Export/Import in xml
-Import \ export to SD in csv format
-Import \ export to DropBox in XML. Can be used for various purposes, including for the exchange of data between devices (the process is completely manual, in the plans - automation).
-Ability to transfer the application to the SD


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