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Cool Blue is a temperature monitoring application for vehicles carrying goods which have upper and lower temperature limits.

Used with a Cool Blue Bluetooth unit, the temperature within the vehicle is displayed, changing colour if limits are exceeded. Each temperature reading is tagged with a GPS location allowing for journeys to be logged and viewed online.

Version 1.1.1:
• QR code scanner for sample deliveries
• Bug fixes

Version 1.1.2:
• Speed recording
• New default upper and lower limits

Version 1.2.0
• Sygic Drive integration
• Automatic Route Planning

Version 1.2.6
• Bug fixes
• Login details are now entered into login screen if saved

Version 1.2.7
• Bug fix in the logging of unit IDs

Version 1.2.8
• Bug fix in calculating distance

Version 1.2.9
• Improved accuracy on distance calculations

Version 1.3.0
• Receive messages within Cool Blue from the laboratory

Version 1.3.1
• Temperature displayed on main menu screen

Version 1.3.2
• Application version tracking added

Version 1.4.0
• Bluetooth reconnects after changing vans

Version 1.4.1
• UI change and bugfix

Version 1.5.0
• Temperature will be greyed out if the device is not uploading

Version 2.0.0
• Fully Automated Bluetooth
• Major bug fixes on Sygic Drive
• Minor bug fixes
• User settings saved on the cloud
• GPS, upload and bluetooth status

Version 2.0.1
• Bug fix at login

Version 2.0.3
• Bug fix when uploading data
• Upper and lower temperatures update in sygic screen

Version 2.0.4
• Better database support

Version 2.1.2
• New "Lite" version
• Better log timing
• Various bug fixes

Version 2.1.3
• Bluetooth support for latest devices
• Force update to newer version
• Bug fixes

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