D-TAD (Don't Text And Drive)



Do you have a teen driver? D-TAD may save his/her life.

This is a must have application for your teen driver to prevent cell phone distraction while driving.

Get D-TAD now for only $0.99 (limited time offer).

Sometimes a promise is not enough. Sooner or later they will answer a friend's text message or answer their cell phone while they are driving regardless of the law or the dangers of distracted driving.

The only way to successfully enforce the "No Texting While Driving" rule/law, is to implement an application that will disable texting capabilities until the driver has stopped. D-TAD is THE ONLY application which will disable texting and calling functions when in motion. Simply put, it may save your life or the life of a loved one.

D-TAD is automatically activated when the driver travels above 10mph. When active, only 911 and the 4 pre-programmed numbers are allowed to be called. Texting is completely disabled for as long as D-TAD is active. Texters are automatically notified via auto-reply-text that the driver is currently unavailable and will return calls and messages when he/she has stopped driving. Once the driver has stopped completely, all functions of the cell phone will return to normal.

Free upgrades for as long as you have D-TAD!

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