DO NOT DISTURB (Bluetooth®)



DO NOT DISTURB (Bluetooth®) Control What, When, Where and How information is delivered to your phone while on the road. DO NOT DISTURB (Bluetooth®) is the FIRST and ONLY APP to promote hands-free calls via Bluetooth® technology while allowing drivers to eliminate or limit distractions related with texting, emails, alerts, and updates. DO NOT DISTURB (Bluetooth®) is designed for individuals and/or parents of teens that want to limit distractions while driving. DO NOT DISTURB (Bluetooth®) recognizes when a Bluetooth® device (e.g. car, earpiece, etc.) is connected to your Smartphone. Once connected, a user’s customized settings is activated to eliminate or limit distractions by selected services. DO NOT DISTURB (Bluetooth®) allows users to control what, when, where, and how information is delivered to your phone while on the road.

Facts & Stats:

Teen Car Accidents - #1 Cause of Teen Deaths

Drivers who text are more than 20 times more likely to be in an accident

At least 34 States have laws against cell phone use in cars

Features & Benefits:

Automated activation and deactivation controls upon pairing phone and existing Bluetooth hardware in car or earpiece

Automated SMS reply to Texts and Calls when user is in DO NOT DISTURB mode

Separate widget option for single touch activation on demand during school, meetings, movies, etc.

Settings customizable by services to be blocked or silenced during activation

Password protection can serve as a parental control to eliminate manipulation of desired settings

Report options to email reports or text notifications of activation history to monitor usage

Integrated Facebook messaging following application activation and deactivation cycle

Customizable to desired Bluetooth® low-energy technology in car and/or earpiece

Bluetooth® low-energy technology uses less cell battery life than GPS-based Apps

Activation is not related to motion like GPS-based Apps which eliminates undesired activations

Advertisement Free Application

A portion of the download fee is donated to organizations focused on eliminating distracted driving

No additional software or hardware required

Patent Pending Technology

How it Works:

Download application to Smartphone

Take the pledge

Review and select service setting for customization

Service Setting:
Block All: Phone Calls, Text, Emails, and Data
Silence All (Default Setting): Phone Calls, Text, Emails, and Data
Silence Alerts: Text, Emails, and Data
Customize Settings: Select by Service

Integrate your Facebook account to keep friend and family up to date

Password protection to eliminate deletion or manipulation of desired settings

Select Bluetooth® devices (e.g. Car) recognized by DO NOT DISTURB (Bluetooth®) device setting to be activated once connected to Smartphone

Connect phone with Bluetooth® to activate DO NOT DISTURB to eliminate or limit distractions

Disconnect phone with Bluetooth® to activate I AM AVAILABLE to begin receiving services previously blocked or silenced

An automated update to your Facebook account occurs once the application completes an activation and deactivation cycle

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