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With DOT Mobilbilletter, you can easily buy mobile tickets for the Greater Copenhagen area.

DOT Mobilbilletter is developed by Din Offentlige Transport (DOT) and is owned by DSB.

You can buy:
• Normal zone tickets (for children and adults)
• Multiride ticket
• Bicycle ticket
• Extension ticket (1 zone)
• 24-hour tickets
• Supplement for DSB 1’ Regional trains
• City Pass 24 hours
• City Pass 72 hours

The tickets are valid for journeys by bus, S-train, Metro, DSB Long-distance and regional trains, Lokalbaner, Regionstog and Øresundstog in the Greater Copenhagen area. Note: Tickets for the rest of Zealand or Scania cannot be purchased via this app.

You pay with your payment card or the Multiride ticket if you have the required number zones/vouchers on your multiride ticket for the selected journey.
You can save your payment card details and access them via a code chosen by you. That way, you do not have to enter all card details every time you buy a multiride ticket. The payment card details are stored with DIBS.

The following cards are accepted for payment:
- Visa/Dankort
- MasterCard
- Visa
- Visa Electron
- Maestro

DOT Mobilbilletter can sell tickets from your location and for the number of zones you want.
To allow DOT Mobilbilletter to find your position, you have to enable the GPS of your device. The app will find the zone of your location, and if you are close to a zone boundary, you can choose between the zones near you.

For extension tickets please note:
• Extension tickets for 1 zone can be found under ”Other tickets”.
• Extension tickets for 2 zones or more should be purchased as a normal ticket for the number of zones required. You do not have to be in the zones for which the extension ticket must be valid when you buy it. For extension tickets for several zones, the departure zone is irrelevant.
• Extension tickets must be presented together with a valid commuter card or ticket.

Remember to buy your mobile ticket before you start your journey. The mobile ticket is only valid on the phone on which it was purchased.

Use of third-party keyboards (e.g. Swiftkey and Fleksy) will cause the app to crash when the user enters the registration code. It may also cause problems when the user enters payment card numbers.

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