Driver Safety SMS



**- No need to physically use phone while driving! -**

***free updates**


- Reads out loud received SMS message content & sender
- Customizable auto reply
- Pre-defined reply templates selection
- Twitter functionality
- Optional map overlay response feature
- Provides current driver location (GPS) information!

This app removes the need to physically check your phone for SMS received while driving - No longer will you be tempted to read your messages while driving, thus removing the risk of potential road accident caused by phone usage.


This application is a recent university project and is not completely finished; (work in progress!) although all currently functionality is working as desired. Continued development & tweaking expected.

PREREQUISITES: Default TTS engine installed,(goto settings> tts/voice input&output> "install voice data") GPS turned on, 3g network connection.

This application uses text-to-speech to read out the sender, and the message content of received text messages while driving a vehicle. It then auto responds with a message indicating that the user cannot use their handset right now, including their current location. The app also allows viewing of the current position on a google map & twitter integration that allows the user to tweet their current location if they so wish. (On safe arrival of course!)

TTS reader can be enabled/disabled, and there is also an option to send a second sms response, with a google map link, so the person trying to make contact can open it on their own smartphone (google map) & track your current location visually!

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