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DS CarSpy application allows users real-time positioning and monitoring of vehicles. This is done by displaying on a map vehicle data with current position, speed, status and a numer of other parameters. Moreover, devices with GPS functionality (e.g. iPhone) may monitor its own position in relation to other vehicles.
This application is compatible with devices with Android OS 2.1 or newer.
In order to get full functionality of this application You need to activate DS Locate service operated by Data System Group (www.datasystem.pl). Login and password will be submitted once registration process is completed. To do so, please send an e-mail to kontakt@datasystem.pl or call on +48 801 88 77 88 (open 24/7).

Available functionalities – summary:
- Vehicle positioning and monitoring on a world map;
- Positioning and monitoring of all available vehicles on one map;
- Possibility to position both chosen vehicle and Your own location on one map;
- Access to detailed information on every vehicle within user account: fuel level, speed value, engine RPM, power level and many other parameters depending on user rights for that account.

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