DTC DUAT for Android



The DTC DUAT for Android App allows pilots quick and easy access to the DUAT system to file flight plans, get a weather briefing, check weather graphics and much, much more! And it’s FREE! Contact us at support@duat.com or call 800-243-3828 for assistance.

► Review recent requests you've made to the DUAT system
► Use your Pilot and Aircraft Profiles from the DUAT system
► My DUAT Stored Requests for quick briefings

► Register for access, reset password, and recover lost access code

Weather Briefings
● Standard, Abbreviated or Outlook Briefings
● Route Briefings
● Area (Local) Briefings
● State (Regional) Briefings
● Specific Locations Briefings

Flight Plans
● File Domestic
● File ICAO
● Close VFR Flight Plan
● Flight Plan Status

Planning Tools
● Full DTC Flight Planner
● Simplified Flight Log
● Special Use Airspace checker
● ATC Advisories

Aeronautical Data
● Airport Info with Flight Procedures, Airport Diagrams and more!
● Encode/Decode FAA Abbreviations and Location Identifiers
● Saved PDF Files to take IAP's with you

● Stored Requests
● Stored Routes
● Pilot Profiles
● Aircraft Profiles

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